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Namibia Boarder Control Form

You will need this form upon arrival in and departure from Namibia. Feel free to print the PDF and fill it in beforehand. Keep it close to your passport.
Namibian Passport Control Form

Invitation Letter from Madoqua Safaris

You will need an invitation letter from Madoqua Safaris for visa and rifle permits. Please contact us, with a copy of your passport and address, so we can send you your personal invitation letter.

CBP Form / Proof of Fire-Arm Ownership

Customs Declaration Form 4457 will provide you with proof for the customs agent that you bought your items in the States so that you do not have to pay duty or tax on them.
CBP Form 4457

We recommend you read the following information concerning rife export from the USA -> Guidance for U.S. Persons Travelling outside the U.S. with fire-arms and ammunition.

Different countries may have different requirements. Contact your local customs office or travel agent for more information.

Madoqua Safaris

Requirements for Firearm Import Permit into Namibia

Please find attached the requirements for importing firearms into Namibia.
Requirements to import Firearm

Application for Import Permit to Namibia

This form can be completed at the airport to apply for your temporary firearm import permit, which will then be issued. We recommend you print and complete this form beforehand, and carry it with you to be signed and stamped at the airport in Namibia.

You can also apply electronically for this temporary permit before arriving in Namibia. You need to complete the Fire-Arm Application Form and e-mail it to the Namibian Police at firearmairport@nampol.na

Firearms and Airways

We have firearms for rent should you not have, or want to travel with your own. Please head over to “Hunting Information” for more info on rifle hire.

Please take note that not all airways support hunting and thus do not allow you to travel with your firearm. You may end up at your hunting destination without your fire-arm. Please check to see if your chosen Airways allow you to travel with your firearm.
Try to avoid traveling through Heathrow with your firearm.
The best routes to Southern Africa are Atlanta -> Johannesburg -> Windhoek, Namibia.
Another good route is directly through Frankfort -> Windhoek, Namibia.
Traveling through Amsterdam offers good access to several Southern Africa countries, but this route requires advance notification and approval to travel with firearms in your possession.

Important Information:

Client Preferences (Household Affairs!)

To be sure that you are comfortable during your stay at Madoqua Safaris, please complete the “Client Preferences” form on our “Guest Preference” page. If you have successfully booked with us, we would have sent you the password to access that page. If you did not receive the password, kindly pop us a message “Contact Us”.


Packing List:

We have a packing list ready and waiting for you on our “Guest Preference” page. If you booked with us, we would have sent you the password to access that page. If you did not receive the password, kindly pop us a message “Contact Us”.

Visa Requirements